every pet deserves access to veterinary care

Giving is pretty easy for pets. Most of them are ready, willing, and able to share their passions, purrs, wags, cuddles, and companionship with people, and they don’t ask for much in return.

But some pets really do need our help. Fortunately, for people who love pets – in other words, everybody reading this Banfield blog post – giving what we can to help pets in need also comes naturally.

Five years of positive impact

When the Banfield Foundation launched in 2015, its vision and dream were clear: Every pet deserves access to veterinary care. The statement holds true today, and in five years, the foundation – with your support – has helped five million (!) vulnerable pets.

Thanks to the generosity of Banfield Pet Hospital clients donating at the PIN pad during each visit, alongside individuals giving online and through the mail, the foundation has granted more than $10 million to shelters, nonprofits, and animal welfare organizations across the country.

Highlights and success stories

In 2016, Banfield Pet Hospital partnered with the Banfield Foundation to launch preventive care clinics throughout the country. Through these clinics and other preventive care initiatives more than 95,000 pets have received care. Plus, the foundation works with nonprofit partners to help vulnerable human populations, too, providing care for the pets belonging to those who are homeless, transitioning off the streets, or otherwise disadvantaged.

In 2017, a $175,000 Banfield Foundation grant made it possible for the Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team to design a mobile response unit from the ground up for the very first time. By completely customizing a Ford® F-650, the team was able to drive through all kinds of weather conditions and serve the most vulnerable pets better than ever before. 

After a series of devastating disasters in Puerto Rico, the foundation joined the SpayathonTM for Puerto Rico coalition in 2018, to spay, neuter, and vaccinate at least 85,000 pets across the island. In 2019, the coalition added six more rounds, estimating an additional 60,000 animals helped by 2021. The foundation has provided 100% of all the vaccinations used to care for these animals.

Also last year, the foundation launched a $1 million Safer Together initiative, designed to help create a world where victims of domestic violence and their pets can find safety together. In just one year, nearly 4,000 pets have found safety, shelter, and care through this program.   

And in 2020 – a challenging and stressful year for everybody – the Banfield Foundation has committed more than $500,000 in COVID-19 relief efforts, working to ensure that veterinary care is not an obstacle to those facing job and financial loss, and ensuring that pets and people can stay together.

In addition to grants, the foundation has partnered with leaders across the country to listen, learn, and share how our community can come together to support pets and families. Executive Director, Kim Van Syoc speaks to the power of community and giving back in an interview with All Pet Voices.

Thank you for supporting the Banfield Foundation. There have been some amazing achievements, but there’s always work to do.

Want to help some more? It’s super easy to donate online. Your donation helps provide temporary shelter, disaster relief, and veterinary care to pets in need. Thank you!

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