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Houston, TX  77081

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Hours and services may vary to help keep our pets and people safe during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. Additionally, certain hours may be allocated for clients who are at higher risk for severe illness. Please contact your local hospital for details. If your pet requires care, please call ahead so we can ensure your pet’s needs can be met and advise you on next steps.

9:00 AM - to 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - to 7:00 PM
8:00 AM - to 7:00 PM
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8:00 AM - to 7:00 PM
8:00 AM - to 7:00 PM
8:00 AM - to 7:00 PM
  • Banfield Pet Hospital
  • Description
    The West Loop Banfield Pet Hospital in Houston, Texas offers quality preventive, medical and surgical veterinary services. From dog and cat nutrition advice, to pet vaccinations and surgical procedures like spaying and neutering, our local veterinarians are here to provide high standards in veterinary care. Contact or visit us today to learn more about our Optimum Wellness Plans®. At Banfield, our pet health care plans cover your pets from nose to tail and help maintain their health from kitten or puppy to adulthood.
    Conveniently located just off Interstate 610 in Houston, Texas, Banfield Pet Hospital makes it easy to partner in your pet’s health and well-being.
    We are always accepting new pet patients and same day access appointments may be available. Don’t forget to ask our staff about the Optimum Wellness Plan® options we offer to our Houston guests.
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  • Services

    Services Offered at this Location

    • Vaccinations
    • Comprehensive Exams
    • Parasite Control
    • General Dentistry
    • General Surgery
    • Skin Care
    • Geriatrics & Pediatrics
    • Spays & Neuters
    • Drop Off Services
    • Giardia Testing
    • Microchipping
    • Digital Radiography
    • In-House Laboratory Diagnostics
    • In-House & Online Pharmacy
    • Nutrition Consultation
    • Behavior Consultation
    • Personalized Client Web Portal and Mobile App
    • Urgent Care (availability may vary; please call)
    • Optimum Wellness Plans®
    • Canine Genetic Analysis™
    • CareCredit
    • Spanish Language
    • Interpretation Services
  • Team
    Banfield Pet Hospital Staff

    Dr. Alexandra Nettleton

    Chief of Staff

    Dr. Nettleton started working for Banfield in July 2016, after graduating from Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She is known by her team as the "cat lady" or "cat whisperer" because she loves all kitties that visit us, even those that are not happy to see us. She has a flame point Siamese cat named Maximus, who is very vocal, and loves to visit when he comes in to work with her. Dr. Nettleton was promoted to Chief of Staff in December of 2017. More Details >>

    Dr. Hari Addagarla


    Dr. Addagarla received his DVM degree from ANGRAU, India and worked for nearly three years as a veterinarian before moving to the United States to pursue research on stem cells and regenerative medicine. He obtained his license to practice in the United States in 2010 and practiced at hospitals in West Virginia and Texas before moving to Houston, and started to work with Banfield in 2014. Dr. Addagarla is most interested in small animal medicine and surgery. He lives with his wife and son. More Details >>

    Banfield Pet Hospital Staff

    Jessica Mancera

    Practice Manager

    Jessica has been with Banfield since August of 2007. She also speaks and writes Spanish fluently. She has 4 pets, 3 dogs (Bizzy, Raiden, and Kingston), and a sun conure (Skittles). Jessica always had animals growing up, therefore a career working with animals has always been at the top of her list. She is very passionate about being able to help provide quality care for pets. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children, fitness, traveling, and being outdoors. More Details >>

    Elizabeth Villareal

    Shift Lead

    Liz started her career with Banfield as a veterinary assistant after she completed an externship and graduated from The Vet Tech Institute. She loves all animals and has quite a variety of her own including a cat (Connie), a dog (Daisy), fish (Oscar), a Guinea pig (Rufus), a hamster (Chunk), a rat (Tripas), a mouse (Chip), and a hermit crab. Liz loves working with pets and helping educate new clients on the importance of preventive care. She also enjoys crochet, spending time with her husband and family, and relaxing. More Details >>

    Brooke Jenkins

    Shift Lead

    Brooke has been with Banfield since 2013 where she started as a client service coordinator. She loves being able to greet our new clients and establish positive relationships with them and their pets. Outside of work, Brooke enjoys playing with her dog, Shadow, eat at new places, dance, read, and taking much needed naps. More Details >>

    Violeta Rios

    Veterinary Assistant

    Violeta graduated from PIMA and started a career with Banfield after she completed an externship. Since then, Violeta enjoys working with different animals and helping provide quality care for pets. She also is fluent in Spanish and has two dogs, Roxy and Ike. She enjoys spending time with her family and watching her children's games. More Details >>

    Banfield Pet Hospital Staff

    Samantha Smith

    Veterinary Assistant

    Samantha joined Banfield in 2009 at the West Loop location. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in animal science from Sam Houston State University and an Associated of Applied Science degree in veterinary technology from the Vet Tech Institute. She has a Dachshund mix named Bruno, and has always enjoyed working with animals because she gives them a voice. During her years working at Banfield, she has developed a professional relationship with the majority of our long time clients and their pets. In addition, she is an active member in three organizations within the community. Samantha enjoys doing any type of community service, traveling, arts and crafts, reading, and watching movies. She is currently working on growing her freelance make-up artist business. More Details >>

    Banfield Pet Hospital Staff

    Alexis Hartley

    Veterinary Assistant

    Alexis has been working with Banfield since 2015, and is currently a biology major at Texas Southern University working towards becoming a veterinarian. Her hobbies include yoga, hanging out with family and friends, and volunteering. Cuddling and caring for pets is something that she enjoys, and being at Banfield gives her the opportunity to do just that. Alexis has two dogs, Koya and Weezy. More Details >>

    Rosie Fuentes

    Veterinary Assistant

    Rosie joined Banfield in 2015 after completing an externship and graduating from PIMA. She chose Banfield because she has a passion for animals and the continued growth in medical science, and she loves being around dogs and cats all day. Together with Banfield, she believes that she is able to help prolong the life of not only our clients pets, but also her own. Rosie has two dogs and three cats, Penny, Pepe, Barbas, Aria, and Soni, and she loves working with kitties even when they are upset! Rosie is fluent in Spanish. More Details >>

    Banfield Pet Hospital Staff

    Anna Wright, CVA

    Certified Veterinary Assistant

    Anna completed her education at Austin Community College in Texas. She has had an interest and love for animals from a young age so naturally, veterinary medicine was her first choice for a career. She started at Austin Pets Alive, one of Austin's no-kill shelters, where she was a surgery and resident technician. After school, she started with Banfield and has been with us for over 5 years now. She has a 16-year-old miniature poodle named Simba, 2 cats, Pinky and Violetta, and a Guinea pig named Scrappy. Anna often fosters and re-homes stray and abandoned dogs, and has a passion for senior pets. More Details >>

    Banfield Pet Hospital Staff

    Nancy DeVore

    Veterinary Assistant

    Nancy has been with Banfield for a few years and has wanted to work in veterinary medicine since she was 8 years old. Her compassion for animals is driven by her 2 rescued Siamese cats, Ozma (the princess) and Cliff (the class clown), who inspire her every day. Besides spending time with pets, her favorite things include reading and writing, drinking coffee, and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The X-Files, and the movie Jaws...a lot. More Details >>

    Banfield Pet Hospital Staff

    Ashley Opela

    Client Service Coordinator

    Ashley has been working for Banfield since 2016. She loves animals and enjoys her time at work. While currently a client service coordinator, Ashley is looking forward to becoming a veterinary assistant in the near future. She has always had a big heart for animals and working at Banfield, she gets to interact with them all. Ashley enjoys seeing all the different pets and helping her team give the best quality care. More Details >>

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