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734 E. Big Beaver Rd
Troy, MI  48083

(248) 740-1548

Hospital Number: 1637

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Doctor hours may vary from hospital hours. Please call ahead in urgent situations to verify that a doctor is available before leaving for a hospital.

10:00 AM - to 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - to 7:00 PM
9:00 AM - to 7:00 PM
9:00 AM - to 7:00 PM
9:00 AM - to 7:00 PM
9:00 AM - to 7:00 PM
9:00 AM - to 7:00 PM
  • Description
    Finding quality pet health care in Troy, MI is easy - just come to the Banfield Pet Hospital. Our professional staff of veterinarians and their assistants treat your pet with the respect and compassion they deserve. We work with you as partners in your pet's health care, providing a high standard of medical, surgical and preventive care for your beloved pet. Come to the local Banfield Pet Hospital today to meet your new partners in pet care!
    Located near I-75, the Banfield Pet Hospital in Troy, MI is open 7 days a week to provide for your pet care needs. Featuring a multitude of pet health services, this pet hospital is prepared to help your pet stay happy and healthy.
    In addition to our pet health care services, Banfield offers Optimum Wellness Plans® for your pet. Learn the details of how these plans can help you manage pet health care costs.
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  • Services

    Services Offered at this Location

    • Vaccinations
    • Comprehensive Exams
    • Parasite Control
    • General Dentistry
    • General Surgery
    • Skin Care
    • Geriatrics & Pediatrics
    • Spays & Neuters
    • Drop Off Services
    • Giardia Testing
    • Microchipping
    • Digital Radiography
    • In-House Laboratory Diagnostics
    • In-House & Online Pharmacy
    • Nutrition Consultation
    • Behavior Consultation
    • Personalized Client Web Portal and Mobile App
    • Urgent Care (availability may vary; please call)
    • Optimum Wellness Plans®
    • Canine Genetic Analysis™
    • Care Credit
  • Team
    Banfield Pet Hospital Staff

    Dr. Robert Lerner


    Dr. Robert Lerner graduated from Michigan State University with a doctoral of veterinary medicine and a bachelor of science in 1974. He has been a practicing veterinarian in small animal medicine and surgery for the past 36 years. He has served as a past president of the Southeastern Michigan Veterinary Medical Association and was a member on the board of directors for the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association. He has a special interest in veterinary dentistry. More Details >>

    Banfield Pet Hospital Staff

    Dr. Aimee Seguin


    Dr. Aimee Seguin gradated from MSU in 2004 with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and a B.S. degree in animal science. She has spent the past 10 years serving homeless pets and helping them find their forever homes at a large metropolitan animal adoption center in Windsor, Ontario. This experience has provided her ample hands on surgical time equivalent of a veterinarian many years her senior. Dr. Seguin is a member of the American Association of Veterinary Medicine (AVMA), the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA), the South East Michigan Veterinary Association (SEMVMA), the College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO), and the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA). She is married with 3 children. More Details >>

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    Optimum Wellness Plans®

    Individual products and services may be included, added or even discounted on an Optimum Wellness Plan. Learn more about these affordable pet health solutions.