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Huntington Beach

7600 Edinger Ave
Huntington Beach, CA  92647

(714) 848-1155

Hospital Number: 1452

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Doctor hours may vary from hospital hours. Please call ahead in urgent situations to verify that a doctor is available before leaving for a hospital.

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  • Banfield Pet Hospital
  • Banfield Pet Hospital
  • Banfield Pet Hospital
  • Banfield Pet Hospital
  • Description
    We're moving! Our last day at this location will be May 11, 2019. After that date, we are joining the team at our Huntington Marina hospital located at 5840 Edinger Ave A. We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon!
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  • Services

    Services Offered at this Location

    • Vaccinations
    • Comprehensive Exams
    • Parasite Control
    • General Dentistry
    • General Surgery
    • Skin Care
    • Geriatrics & Pediatrics
    • Spays & Neuters
    • Drop Off Services
    • Giardia Testing
    • Microchipping
    • Digital Radiography
    • In-House Laboratory Diagnostics
    • In-House & Online Pharmacy
    • Nutrition Consultation
    • Behavior Consultation
    • Personalized Client Web Portal and Mobile App
    • Urgent Care (availability may vary; please call)
    • Optimum Wellness Plans®
    • Canine Genetic Analysis™
    • Care Credit
  • Team
    Banfield Pet Hospital Staff

    Dr. Melvin Medina


    Dr. Melvin Medina originates from Manila, Philippines and received his education from the University of the Philippines. He joined the veterinary field because he loves working with farm animals. The most enjoyable part of his days is when he gets to meet puppies for the first time and educate clients on how best to take care of them for their lifetime. Dr. Medina has been with Banfield since May 2016 and at home, he has two cats, Tinkerbell and Pumpernickle, and one dog, Sassafrass. More Details >>

    Banfield Pet Hospital Staff

    Dr. Nolan O'Connor


    Dr. Nolan O'Connor is a transplant from Rockaway Beach, NYC and got into veterinary medicine because of his deep bond with animals. He received his undergraduate degree in animal science from the University of Rhode Island and earned his veterinary degree from St. George's School of Veterinary Medicine. He started with Banfield in 2017 and enjoys teaching clients how to care for their pets. He has a dog named Daisy who he rescued from the Caribbean when he was in school. Dr. O'Connor is also a foodie and always open to restaurant suggestions from clients. More Details >>

    Banfield Pet Hospital Staff

    Tabitha Powell

    Practice Manager

    Tabitha has been a manager with Banfield since February 2015. She's a California transplant originating from Oregon and she grew up on a 20-acre farm taking care of cows, sheep, goats, lamas, dogs and cats. Tabitha spent many years in management with service and retail companies but never loved her work as much as she does now. She currently has 2 rescue pets, Pookah, an 8-year-old Boston terrier and Nimbus, a 2-year-old domestic short hair cat. Her greatest joy comes from helping educate pet parents on how to best care for and lengthen the life of their pets. More Details >>

    Banfield Pet Hospital Staff

    Danielle Allery, RVT

    Veterinary Technician

    Danielle was born and raised in Southern California and has been a Registered Veterinary Technician at Banfield in Huntington Beach for 3 years. She attended Bel-Rea Vet School in Denver, CA and graduated in 2010. Since graduating, she has attained her CVT in Colorado and her RVT in California. Danielle grew up loving animals and knew it was the career choice for her. She currently has an 8-year-old collie/German shepherd mix who is the only furry and faithful companion of mine. More Details >>

    Banfield Pet Hospital Staff

    Brooke Mattox, RVT

    Veterinary Technician

    Brooke was born and raised in Corona, CA and has lived in Huntington Beach for the past 7 years. She has always had a passion for animals and is an avid horse rider, dog lover, and foster kitten volunteer. She graduated from Stanbridge University in 2018 with an associate's degree in animal science. She loves bringing pets to the reception area and watching their excitement when they turn the corner to see their parents picking them up. She's been with Banfield since 2017 and is always willing to assist in any way necessary for a pet's well being. Brooke has 4 pets at home: Benelli, a 6-year-old Wiemaraner with a heart of gold and stomach of iron; Kyri, a beautiful lynx point short haired cat that is for looking not touching; Charlie, a rescue kitten who think's he's a dog; and Coraline, the outsider of the bunch with no fur because she's a ball python. More Details >>

    Banfield Pet Hospital Staff

    Kristin Scarr

    Shift Lead

    Kristin was born and raised in Downey, CA. Working with animals has always been a passion of hers because she wants to make a difference in their lives. Growing up, her family was surrounded with animals of all kinds, and now she has quite the zoo of her own! 3 terrier mix boys, who all have a mind of their own; 2 desert tortoises; 2 birds; and a beautiful lab who is definitely the queen bee. More Details >>

    Banfield Pet Hospital Staff

    Brittany Lowe

    Veterinary Assistant

    Brittany is a native Californian, born and raised in Long Beach. She has always had an interest in the medical field, specifically animal medicine. She's been aspiring to become a veterinarian since she was 5 years old and is working on applying and getting through vet school toward that end. She completed her undergraduate degree with a bachelor's in animal science at UC Davis. She started with Banfield in 2017 and loves getting to work with the hospital team and says they all have a great sense of humor. Brittany has 2 pets at home, a cocker spaniel named Coco and a DSH named Pinto. She also has experience working in wildlife rehabilitation and working with domestic animals of all kinds such as livestock, horses, owls, squirrels, bald eagles, red tail hawks, etc. More Details >>

    Banfield Pet Hospital Staff

    Vivian Vu

    Veterinary Assistant

    Vivian is a native Californian, born and raised in Long Beach. She started in the veterinary field because she enjoys being able to help owners understand their pets and care for them in the best way possible. She graduated from Stanbridge University in 2018 and has been with Banfield since April of the same year. Her favorite part of the day is getting to return pets to their owners because both the pets and owners are excited and happy to be reunited. Vivian has a 3-year-old Siberian husky named Tobi, (2) 9-year-old Chihuahuas named Happy and Richie, and a 7-year-old Chihuahua named Jeffrey. More Details >>

    Banfield Pet Hospital Staff

    Juan Anaya

    Veterinary Assistant/Client Service Coordinator

    Juan is from Los Angeles, CA and is currently attending Fullerton College. He's always loved animals and wanted to work for animal care in whatever way, shape or form he could. Juan's favorite part of his work day is all the emotions when he gets to reunite parents with their pets. He has been with Banfield since July 2017 and has two dogs at home, a puppy named Barry and his little girl, Ruby. When not at work, Juan is a musician, playing his guitar and piano, singing and writing songs. More Details >>

    Banfield Pet Hospital Staff

    Maria Ledesma

    Client Service Coordinator

    Maria is from Carson, CA and started in the veterinary field when her belated sister-in-law asked her to work at the humane society in Long Beach. Her favorite part of the work day is meeting all the pets, especially puppies and kittens. She also enjoys how happy the pets are when their owners come to pick them up. Maria has been with the company for over 10 wonderful, and in her mind, short years. At home, she has 2 dogs, Chico and Dyemond, as well as 3 cats, Martini, Baby Lama and Talullah. When not at work, she enjoys spending time with her children and practicing karaoke. More Details >>

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