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This handout is intended to educate pet parents about the importance of ear cleaning and provide some tips on how to do this at home.
Banfield Pet Hospital reviews how to clean the ears of large breed dogs. A Banfield doctor takes pet owners through detailed instructions on proper and safe routine cleaning as well as steps on cleaning an infected ear with veterinarian-recommended medication.
Yes! Cleaning and caring for your pet's ears are important ways to reduce the chance for ear infections and excess wax build up. Routine cleaning and at home examination lets you detect any infections or other problems early.
That depends on your cat. Many cats are excellent self-groomers and rarely need ear care while others should have routine cleanings. If you notice wax, dirt, or other debris, then it is probably time for a cleaning.
Otitis externa is an inflammation or infection of the outer ear canal and may also involve the ear flap.
Both my dog and my cat's eyes get messy fairly often. They get this gunk in the corners. Should I be cleaning this? Is this normal? How should I go about cleaning it?
Not only is having a clean and comfortable pet important, but starting a regular grooming routine is a great way for your pet to get used to the experience and bond with you at the same time.
What type of grooming care does your pet need?
This handout is intended to educate pet owners about ear mites as well as introduce your family to some of the terms and treatments that accompany this diagnosis.
This handout is intended to educate pet owners on the common causes of ear infections and give an overview of treatment options.