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Banfield Pet Hospital releases second annual pet-friendly workplace findings.
Most cat owners know all too well that their cats don’t like to visit the vet, which in turn, makes owners dread taking them there in the first place...
Dr. Itenson diagnoses a severe skin condition from a basic skin scrape.
We hear about many complaints about pet behavior from clients at our hospitals. Many behavioral problems with dogs and cats have an underlying issue that needs to be addressed so that behavior modification can be successful.
When it’s time to plan your summer vacation, bring your dog along for the ride. Whether you go to the beach, a campground or a new city, slobbery kisses and tail wags make everything better. Check out these tips and tricks for going on a dog-friendly road trip.
Hello! At miles first visit with Banfield on January 7th. I was told that we should wait one month for his next vaccination (making him 12 months). However, the vaccination that his breeder used prio...