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Atopy and food related allergic skin disease are caused by reactions to inhaled, ingested, or absorbed "allergens" (pollen, mold spores, dust, dust mites, food, etc.). This is similar to "hay fever" in humans. However, instead of the sinus and nasal signs in humans, pets may manifest the disease as skin irritation that can include the entire skin surface and ear canals.
Traveling with your cat can make your trip even more fun, but it’s very important to plan ahead.
With so many different dog breeds in the world, it’s not surprising that puppies grow at different rates. In general, small-breed dogs mature more quickly than larger breeds.
Putting your pet on a year-round preventive care schedule is one of the best things you can do to make sure your dog or cat stays healthy and happy throughout his or her life. One very important part of maintaining year-round control of your pet’s health is partnering with your veterinarian to create a plan that is unique to your pet.
From puppy and kitten to all stages of adult life, every member of your four-legged family deserves quality preventive care. Banfield Optimum Wellness Plans® help pet owners take the guessing out of doing what’s best for their pets.
At Banfield, we believe in preventing pet health issues before they happen. With Banfield’s Optimum Wellness Plans®, you receive a package of preventive pet health care services and discounts designed to meet the needs of your individual pet.
Put a stop to pet health issues before they even start. You can help keep your dog or cat healthy by creating a preventive care program for your pet.
If your pet has extensive skin damage, and is constantly biting, licking and scratching, your veterinarian may have diagnosed the condition as flea allergy dermatitis.