Friends Forever

There are great lessons that we can learn from our pets.

Tillie & Phoebe and BJ:
“Recently Tillie and Phoebe escaped from my yard and went on their own adventure. Tillie remained by Phoebe’s side for days while she was trapped. After their return home, you can see how their bond has strengthened and how much more love they have to give. Tillie and Phoebe have very sweet dispositions and there is a great deal we can learn from our pets. In life, we meet many people that lead us into different relationships. The human condition is different than a dog’s, there is generally a battle of wills and opinions but dogs are just genuine. You become much more forgiving as a person with a pet in your life because of the authentic compassion they display on a daily basis.”

Compassion, friendship and care for one another are a few of the lessons we learn from our pets.