• Yesterday morning Iris had thrown up, and had some bloody diarrhea, when I got home about 6 last night I gave her some chicken broth and rice , poop is still not solid. It’s more mushy now . But it’s definitely not liquid anymore but there’s still some tints of blood in it. To prepare for what I will expect at the vet, should I be taking her in ASAP? Or try to see if it was something that upset her stomach? She’s acting completely normal and is hyper and jumping and ready to play.

    Hi Stephanie,
    I recommend that you take her in as soon as possible. With the blood in the diarrhea, this is concerning that it can be something more serious than just an upset stomach. There can be a few different causes for this including intestinal parasites, infection, inflammation of the GI tract, or an underlying medical issue. Your vet can talk to you more about the cause of her illness after they have examined her. They may recommend some lab tests to help diagnose or rule out certain diseases. The treatment that she needs will depend on the underlying cause and severity of her symptoms.

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