• My dog has recently started reacting to noises like bells, car alarms, and cooking timers. He becomes nervous and will seek me out in the house, staying by my side for a few minutes before he goes back to normal. He's never done this before. He also acts as if he hears something in another room when there isn't any noise that I can hear. I had the vet check his ears and they didn't find anything. Is this due to age or could it be something else?

    In some cases, older dogs can have behavior changes due to age. This can include reacting to noises. It can also include changing their other habits and even confusion.

    In some severe cases they may not recognize their surroundings. This can be as severe as getting lost in the back yard. The nervousness with sounds can also be a sign of an ear issue. This can include inner ear issues that are hard to diagnose.

    I recommend that if the behavior continues or gets worse that you take him back into see your veterinarian. They can examine him and look for any underlying medical concerns. If it is a behavioral or aging issues there are some medications, diets, and behavioral treatments that can help.

    Your veterinarian can recommend the treatment that will be best for your pet and his environment. 

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