• Why is my dog limping?

    When a dog with a normal stride and walk suddenly starts limping, It’s likely caused by one of two things:

    •The pet is in pain or uncomfortable
    •Something has happened affecting the normal motion of a joint, ligament or bone

    Both issues can be true at the same time

    If your dog is limping, it’s best to visit your veterinarian to take a closer look at your pet. Once the location of the problem is identified, recommendations can be made in order to more clearly define what needs to be done. If your dog is limping from the back leg, it could be because:

    •Spinal issues
    •Hip dysplasia
    •Joint dislocations
    •Torn or ruptured ligaments and tendons
    •Soft tissue damage
    •Torn toenails

    Limping on his or her front legs can include many of the same issues, as well as OCD (cartilage defect), and elbow dysplasia Depending on the diagnosis, treatment recommendations may include strict rest, anti-inflammatories and/or pain medications or surgery.

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    If your pet is limping and you need medical assistance, call your local Banfield Pet Hospitalto set up an appoint with a veterinarian.

    You can also discuss the Optimum Wellness Plan with your veterinarian. Our plans can be designed around your pet and will include routinely recommended vaccines and unlimited free office visits.

    Learn more about your pet’s health by visiting the Preventive Care section of our website, or read these related articles:

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