• When Kado was in for his last visit a lump was found near his left forward shoulder under the arm. Today I noticed the same type of lump on his left front elbow similiar to the one on his shoulder. Im not sure if this is new or if it was overlooked during the past visit. Should I be concerned? They are the size of a grape and are soft rather than hard. Drop me a note if you will. Thanks

    Hi Thomas,
    I recommend that you take Kado back into see your local veterinarian. Any new lump that is found is potentially concerning as there can be many different causes for them. This can include anything from a fatty lump that can be watched to a more aggressive mass that needs to be surgically removed. Your vet can give you a better idea of what the mass is after they have examined him and felt the lump. They may recommend a diagnostic test like a needle biopsy to help diagnose or rule out certain causes. Any treatment that he needs will depend on the underlying cause of the lump.

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