• I just adopted my first puppy and I am not sure what is appropriate for him to play with. Can you offer any advice?

    There are a lot of things to take into consideration when picking out puppy toys for your new pet. First, choose a toy that is appropriate for your puppy’s size, and don’t lose sight of how big your puppy will eventually get. Toys that are too small can be a choking hazard for your adult dog, and be aware of any easily chewed off pieces that can also be ingested. Many soft plastic toys can quickly be reduced to small, dangerous pieces by sharp puppy teeth. The better options here are hard rubber, chew resistant toys. 

    Toys made with food material, like starch, vegetables, bully sticks, or rawhide, can be appropriate as long as you are monitoring your puppy during use to avoid the potential choking hazard. Be sure to not allow you puppy to ingest large bits of chew items, like the large knots at the end of some rawhide products, as they may be so obstructive and firmly knotted that digestion can be very difficult and lead to potential intestinal blockages. Be aware also of pieces that have become dirty, spoiled, molded, or soiled with body waste. 

    Lastly, never allow your puppy to chew on objects not intended for a puppy’s use, like strings, rubber bands, balloons, children’s toys, clothing, and shoes. If you want more information about your puppy's many needs, consult with your local veterinarian

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