• My dog just ate the head of the a tooth brush. I am worried that it will be bad for him since it is plastic. Is it best to take him to the vet or what should be done.
  • Hi, My kitten is a Ragdoll. and currently, only 3 mo has body weight 2-3 lbs. I feed him raw food that I ordered from Darwin's pet. but since they only have Chicken, Turkey, and Lamb, and Puffy doesn't like to eat Turkey and Lamb, so I only feed him Chicken for nearly 4 days. He eats 4-5 times per day, and he can eat up to 50 grams per meal, and all his digest is perfect. suddenly, he vomited with raw food that he did not digest and had loose stool. I want to know what should I do, should I continue to feed him raw food? and if I can do so, how much would be perfect or what probiotic or medicine would help. Thank you!
  • Hello, I need a really good Vet for my male westie. He has always had skin issues but the past year his skin infections has became more frequent and every time it comes back worse and worse to the point it has been affecting his weight dramactly. He eating habits is the same and I have been feeding him double as much as he usually eats. Last year they tested him for thyroid problem but it came back negative. But my poor dog can't go on like this anymore. Please contact me via email or phone 404-316-5997 or anapm0306@gmail.com
  • I forgot to ask about Red’s weight at his last appointment. How would you describe his weight? I believe at his previous appointment he was 3 lbs. overweight. Thank you!
  • I have lost my pets rabies tag, is there a chance that I can get another one?
  • Hi, I had two questions. My first question is regarding dental. He has horrible back teeth but he is unable to get dental cleanings because of his heart (he has a heart block). I have tried brushing, the water additive, gels, and certain treats but have had zero successful. I was curious if you had any other suggestions? I know that the teeth issues can lead to heart issues. My second question is regarding tick and flea prevention. I was interested in getting one of the collars for Brix, but he is only 8.5lbs. When I looked into the collars it had 2 options: < 18lbs and > 18 lbs. He is very sensitive to medication and was curious if the < 18lb one would be too strong for him? Thank you so much! Lauren
  • I gave my dog his flee and tick, and heartworm pill yesterday as instructed and tonight he just vomited. His vomit was army green and had chunky pieces. I haven’t feed him since this morning. Is vomit supposed to be that way or should i be worried he ate poop?
  • Loki is having problems with his right ear. He keeps scratching it and shakes his head to flap his ears. He's acting like he can't hear well and it's tender to the touch. He has also been chewing the top of his right front paw so much that it was bleeding. He also eats the pads on the bottom until they bleed. Karma has an appointment Saturday can I bring Loki with me to see the vet or do I need to come in sooner?
  • Finn just turned 10 weeks and we had him for almost 2 weeks now. He's still young but I don't know what's considered normal puppy behavior or not. Golden Retrievers are known for being friendly and gentle but he has an attitude problem. It's not all day everyday, but it's pretty frequent. When I train him to do tricks on my command, and I don't give him treats right away for not doing the command or I delay, he growls then bites my shirt and pants. Another day, my friend and I were eating snacks one day and he started barking/growling at me for not giving him any. We haven't given him any sort of human food so he shouldn't even know that he can have some. And another day, I was just looking at him and he came and growled at me. And also, we dropped him off at a friend's house with adult dogs. When their Golden Retriever dog (who is about 1 year old) was being playful with him, my puppy got annoyed and kept growling at him. What are some methods to stop the growling?
  • My puppy finished a 9 day regimen of deworming on Monday for hookworms and coccidia. He is now starting to act like he still has worms again. He has diarrhea, decreased appetite, and lethargy. Is it possible he still has worms? Or is this normal? Thanks
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