• We recently switched Lola to Simparica for flea and tick but I saw a commercial saying perhaps not to give to her if History of seizures. She is epileptic. The first one we gave her was on 6/4. She had a minor seizure 6/25. I’m not sure this is at all related to the medicine but wanted to check! Thank you!

    Hi Kristin,
    Although epilepsy is not listed as a contraindication for this drug, I do recommend that you use with caution in pets that have a history of seizures. Especially if you have already seen one episode of a minor seizure since starting the drug, you should probably discuss this with the veterinarian who treats the seizures as there are other options available. In tests for safety on Simparica, seizure like activity was not seen in patients receiving less than three-times the recommended dose and even then, neurologic signs were very rare.

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