• We just moved from CT to TX. I have got my dog in for a couple of checkups and found it a bit odd that the doctors have never met me. The front desk takes the dog in and I never get to meet the doctors to ask any questions. I have no complaints, Kulfi has been doing fine. But am just concerned that I never might be able to have a free conversation with the doctors. I would really like to meet them on my next visit even if its just to say hi. It just gives a feeling of no personal touch.

    Hi Kailash,
    I am glad to hear that Kulfi has been doing well. Without knowing the exact situation of the hospital, I can’t really comment on why the doctors have not introduced themselves to you. Ideally you would have met them on your first visit to the hospital. On your next appointment, I recommend that you tell the front desk worker that you want to meet and talk to the veterinarian. They can then either set up an in room appointment or make sure that the discharge is set at a time when the doctor can come talk to you and answer any questions.

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