• We have a male and female neutered rag-doll cats. They have recently started to spray. The vet was unable to get a urine sample and suggested an antibiotic shot. They continued to spray after the shot. I have cleaned the areas with enzymatic cleaner and have sprayed Feliway daily. They continue to spray, but only when we have people stay with us. They will go 4 weeks without incident at times. Soon as we have company they seem to start spraying. Is there a drug we could use to calm them when people visit or any other suggestions? Thanks, Janet

    Hi Janet,
    I recommend that you call and talk to your local veterinarian about this. There may be a short term medication that can be used if the spraying is just due to stress. If there is another underlying cause, it may not completely stop the behavior. Your vet may recommend that they be examined to try and rule in or out certain underlying causes of the spraying. Your vet know your pets and they will be able to recommend the treatment that will be best for your cats.

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