• My dog's right eye has been twitching for the past couple of days. I'm wondering what could be causing it and if it a serious thing that I need to bring him to the vet or if I can take care of it myself.
  • My dog hasn't put her hind leg down. There's nothing in her paw, and she did not made any painful noises when I touched it or felt around it. Can this heal itself, should I bring her in to my veterinarian?
  • How long does it take to cure tapeworm in my cat after treatment? Can I leave my cat at a boarding house not to spread tapeworms?
  • Can I use baby wipes instead of pet wipes on my puppy?
  • My dog has broken one of her canine teeth, I think from playing around with other dogs. What should I do? It doesn't seem to be bothering her.
  • My puppy fell off the table and landed on her head. Now she is drooling constantly and she is not her normal self.
  • My dog has suddenly starting itching around his eyes and muzzle until the fur becomes missing and the skin is raw. What can be wrong?
  • My dog is not getting along with the puppy I just adopted. My dog is five years old, and the puppy I just brought home is ten weeks old and quite small. My older girl is pouting and only wants to sniff and poke at the new puppy. She will also try and mount her. Any suggestions?
  • My dog's nose has turned pink and seams to have scabs on it. I asked my veterinarian last week and she said to use zinc oxide on it, but my dog licked the bit I applied off right away. The zinc oxide was only 13%. Does she need a stronger one? She is out in the sun all of the time - could it be sunburned? Could it be the fillers in her food instead of a sunburn like the vet thought? Is the zinc oxide ok for her?
  • For a few days now my potentially-pregnant cat has been scooting her backside across the floor and constantly licking that area. I thought it may be worms, but I haven't seen any in her stool. I've also noticed she's eating really well, but losing weight and has low energy.
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