• Is a dog's nose supposed to be cold? My new puppy's is warm one all the time.
  • My puppy swallowed my cosmetic wedge. Will he be able to pass it in his stool? What should I do?
  • My cat has three lumps right around her nipples. One is large, around the size of a small golf ball. the others are around the size of quarters. What could this be? She hasn't gone into heat for about a month. Could this be a sign she is pregnant?
  • I have an indoor cat who ate something left by a visitor and has been throwing up for three days now. I removed his food and for a while he did not throw up, but today he vomited again a liquid, white foam. How long should I withhold his food? Also, how much are your insurance plans? Thank you.
  • How often should my 10 months old Westie-Pug puppy get her vaccinations, and when is she due again for shots? She received her last set at 8 months. Should she be using flea and tick medication? Is it necessary to continue heartworm medication?
  • My dog hit his head near the inside of his eye. It caused a little cut, so I cleaned it, and then he was fine. Now it is big and squishy. I pushed on it, and some pus came out. The size of it will not decrease. What should i do?
  • My dog has recently got a swollen right eye, and her snout is puffy as well. She keeps rubbing her eye. What could be wrong with her and should I take her to the vet?
  • I took my nineteen-year-old cat to a Banfield about three months ago. The doctor gave her a clean bill of health even with her old age. In the last two weeks, though, I've noticed she's been very sluggish, not eating much, drinking only a bit of water, and having accidents around the house. I cleaned her litter, and it looks like she's only had a few bowel movements in the last two weeks. Do you think something may be wrong?
  • My dog passed blood clots yesterday, and she is painfully urinating. She is drinking some water but will not eat. What should I do?
  • My dog has a split nail all the way down to the paw. What should I do?
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