• On July 4,2018..My Teka had to be put down due to there was fluid in her lungs, she had to be given oxygen she never recovered. The Dr said she had to stay in the oxygen bubble. Can someone please tell me why she would have water in her lungs? her heart was fine, she had not suffered any kind of trauma I am with her all day all the time. The day before I notice she didn't eat or drink she started coughing like there was something in her throat. When she went to sleep the sound of her breathing woke me up. Please I am so hurt over loosing her. She was the light of my life. WHAT HAPPEN?

    Hi Nya, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I recommend that you call and talk to the veterinarian who treated your cat. They know your pet’s medical history and they will have all the details needed to fully answer your questions. The symptoms that you are describing along with the fluid on the lungs could potentially be caused by a few different things. These include pneumonia, heart disease, an allergic reaction, or another underlying medical issue that affects the lungs. Your vet will be able to better answer your questions about the cause of this in your pet.

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