• My six-week-old Siberian Husky has an extra toe on his back right foot. Are there are any type of health concerns with this? I don't want him to hurt it while digging or catch it on the carpet. Should I leave it alone? How much would it cost to get it removed? Thanks!

    A lot of Siberian Huskies have extra toes. The biggest concerns that we see with extra toes is an injury to the nail as well as the nail growing into the pad on the extra toes.

    Whether or not it is best to remove them depends on the individual pet. In some pets, they are attached firmly and may not need to be removed. In other pets, they may be not attached to the leg or they are growing in at an awkward angle.

    I recommend that you talk to your veterinarian about the extra toes. They can let you know if it is best to remove them or not. The cost will depend on the individual pet and the anatomy of the toe.

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