• *my puppy is 7 months old but the only options are less than 6 months and over 1 year* My puppy Cooper got neutered 2 weeks ago, on 1/9. His incision has healed pretty well, but still has two small scabs on it. Is that normal? Should I just leave them alone and it will eventually stop scabbing? Should I still limit his activity because of this? Thank you!

    Hi Sam,
    I recommend that you call and talk to your local veterinarian about your questions. Scabbing over an incision can be normal but there can be some underlying issue that is causing them. Your vet can talk to you about if he needs to be examined after they have gotten some more information from you. I would not pick or remove the scabs unless directed to do so by your vet. It will be best to continue to restrict activity unless otherwise directed by your local vet.

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