• My fiancée and I took our 9 month old golden retriever to the tennis courts in our complex to get some exercise. After a few minutes, we noticed that he was running with a bit of a limp, so we called him over to check him out. We noticed a little bit of blood on his paws, but nothing profuse or extreme, enough to not even see where the blood was actually coming from and it did not need to be compressed for it to stop. It turns out, on one of his front paws (the one bothering him most) and one of his back paws, he has a paw pad skin abrasion, where the skin is torn back a little bit. Last night we cleaned the cuts, applied ointment and bandaged them. He is his normal, happy, self, but is still walking with a bit of a limp every now and again. I'm wondering what we should be doing? Also, how long until his paw pads are healed and his limp goes away?

    Hi Taylor, I recommend that you take your pup into see a veterinarian. A skin pad abrasion like you are describing is painful and there is the potential that the wounds could become infected. Your vet can talk to you more about any treatment that he needs and the expected healing time after they have examined him.

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