• My dog has been acting a little strange for the past couple of days: she has become terribly attached to a small stuffed cow toy! Normally, she doesn't play with it much, but recently she has picked up an obsession with it - hiding it, licking it, snuggling with it. She carries it with her everywhere and if she cant find it, she gets a little panicky. She is not spayed and has never been pregnant. Is this normal?

    Is it possible your dog could be pregnant? If not, your pet may be experiencing what is called a false pregnancy which can cause some of the same behaviors as being pregnant including milk production.

    If there is any possibility that your dog could be pregnant (and I would consider any time outside unsupervised while in heat as possibility) you should make an appointment with your veterinarian to check for pregnancy. Since there is no hormone pregnancy test for dogs, detecting pregnancy can be a little challenging.


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