• Penelope has thrown up twice this early morning & also has had somewhat diarrhea. She doesn't seem to be in any pain, she is running and playing as usual. Could this be because of the shots she just received? Should I bring her in?
  • Cherry has stopped eating the Hills dog food. Is there something I can feed her?
  • Hello! We recently went to give her an allergy vaccination that was supposed to help with itching but my dog keeps biting herself what should i do?
  • My dog (whom is usually obsessed with her breakfast and dinner) hasn't been eating her food right away for the past 2 weeks. I've been monitoring her-she has been acting normal, going to the bathroom normally, and even begging for treats as she normally would. Eventually, she will eat her food when she is hungry enough. I usually wouldn't be concerned but when she does eat her food, she vomits it all up within about 30 minutes or so. She is a very curious dog and it is possible that she might have gotten into something. Should I be concerned? Thank you.
  • My dog has had chronic diarrhea. The vet isn't sure what is causing it... We are treating for whipworm as a preventative/precaution right now. At this point... we are hoping that is what is causing the diarrhea. How do we know we are successfully getting rid of whipworm? When will we see signs that its getting better (if whipworm is the cause)? We are about to start our second treatment of the whipworm medication.
  • my dog Samey has been constapaded since having dewormer shot two days ago what do I need to do?
  • My dog peed and it had a foam like substance in it. He has been eating a little less but still eating and he is drinking regularly. He has not done it again, but should I Be concerned?
  • My cat has early renal failure and has had some issues with constipation. He is on predensolone and Miralax. I took him in because there was a spot that I touched near his colon that was tender. The Vet gave me Cerenia to give him as needed. The Cerenia seems to be helping. My concern is that is when he defecates or passes gas it has a much stronger smell. What could make the smell seem stronger?
  • hi dog was playing yesterday and sprained her leg slight limping , dr gave her some rimadyl happened before in case she sprained again , is it safe to give her rimadyl . her last blood test was june of 2018, otherwise she is healhly...
  • hi! our Emma was adopted 15 days ago. she seems to be having some separation anxiety induced barking that lasts up to 40 minutes after we leave for work each day. based on our webcam - she eventually calms down. I am hoping this is going to improve as she adjusts to her new home and learns that we will always come home to her. when is it appropriate to discuss medication options?
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