• Hello, My cat just returned from his annual teeth cleaning and comprehensive exam. His blood work shows his platelets, hemoglobin, MCH, MCHC and RDW are low. I didn’t see the results until I got home so I didn’t ask the vet and she didn’t say anything . My questions, should I be concerned? What aside from active bleeding would cause these labs to be low? He isn’t bleeding.
  • Hello! I am just a bit concerned only because I have never seen my dog do this before. She is a bulldog mix half American half English. She just had her 1 year exam last Friday at Banfield and received some shots and I’m wondering if it’s side effects from those ? Also, last night I just changed her food from puppy iams to bulldog adult breed iams but I mixed them together so far so not sure if it’s from that either but I woke up I’m the middle of the night to her shaking her head over and over for like 2 minutes and I just want to make sure she is ok because it scared me. Thank you for your time
  • My dog has been sneezing continuously for 4-5 hours now. Help! we can't see anything stuck in his nose.
  • After several months we decided to restart our 50lb Golden Doodle on Simparica as the tick season is starting up. We noticed the box we have expired in April but figured a few days shouldn't matter. After dosing we realized it was 2018...1 year out of date. Will it still work? I don't want him to get ticks or fleas but also don't want to overdose on tick meds.
  • Hi! My 6-7year old rescue springer spaniel is breathing about 45-50x/minute. She has been intermittently tachypneic like this without panting or discomfort since she came home about a week ago. We are currently treating for an ear infection but she was afebrile at the vet yesterday. Just want to ensure this is normal...
  • My dog has suffered from chronic ear infections for the last 2 years. I was told this could be due to a grain allergy, and a Banfield veterinarian recommended Taste of the Wild for dog food. His ears more or less cleared up on this food; however, he gained weight (even though I fed him under his weight on the recommended serving, as advised by his vet, and walked him regularly). He does not receive any "table scraps" either and is a fairly active dog, but he was still falling into the overweight category. I was then told by a different vet that grain free diets are unhealthy for dogs and may cause certain types of cancer. Due to these comments and the weight gain, I gradually transitioned back to his old food, Iams. However, after this transition, his left ear has been bothering him again and appears mildly infected, even though I've been cleaning it every day. My question is: what should I be feeding him? I can't seem to get a straight answer on this question, and it is frustrating. Should I transition him back to grain-free food? If so, which brand is the healthiest and will help him to lose some weight? Thank you for any advice you can offer. Sincerely, Bekka
  • Unsure if our dog needs to be seen, he consumed close to a 1.5g of pot earlier this evening. He hasn't gotten sick or anything like that, but we're concerned mostly due to his size & the amount he ate!!
  • So I just had a quick question about the abbreviations for the vaccines since they are kind of hard to understand. So my dogs orginally records had him vaccinated for DHPPL and then when I came to see you guys you have him in your records as having DAPP and leptospirosis. I know the L standards for leptospirosis but are DAPP and DHPP the same thing? Thanks
  • Our puppy is almost 12 weeks old. We tried giving her her first dose of Tri Heart yesterday, 5/9/19, after her first doctor visit. She wouldn't chew it, so we tried crushing it & mixing it with a little water in a needleless syringe that we squirted into her mouth. Will that still be effective doing it that way? I'm pretty concerned about it. Thank you!
  • my puppies eyes are swelling, what should I do? I gave him a Benadryl
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