• My dog, six this past July, was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about two years ago. It became obvious because she was losing great amounts of hair daily. Presciption seems to have solved this. Recently she has been blowing plugs of hair. Benefield vet did blood test and says all seems fine and perhaps hair loss is seasonal. What I did share is that it seems that the plugs are only white hair, that seem to appear overnight in her black haired haunches. The plugs fall out, her haunches are all black again, and within a day or two, there are one to two white plugs again ready to fall out. Is this seasonal?

    Hi Teresa,

    I am glad to hear that she is doing well on the medication. The type of hair loss that you are describing can be seasonal hair loss. Often the undercoat will be the only thing to shed and it can look like what you are describing. If the shedding continues for more than 2 weeks or if you notice any other signs like balding areas, a rash, or itchiness I recommend that you take her back into see your vet. They can examine her and let you know if it is anything to be concerned about.

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