• My dog Raven has an ear infection, she was prescribed a medication that needs to be inserted into both her ears. I'm not sure what the best way to do that is as she always moves her head/runs away. My husband has been putting the ointment on his finger then putting it in her ear as she will not keep still if the actual medication applicator gets near her (she runs or cowers away). Could you please offer me a way to safely and effectively put the medication in her ears? Thank you!

    Hi Diana, different medications need to be applied in different ways. Without knowing for certain what medications Raven is on, and what her condition specifically is (including whether or not the ear drum is damaged) – I am concerned that any information I give might make things worse. I would strongly suggest that you do ask the veterinarian that prescribed her medications for her. Also, we do have some resources including videos for cleaning ears on our website https://www.banfield.com/special-pages/search?q=ear cleaning

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