• My dog Olivia turned 1 in March. I've taken her to petsmart to try to be groomed about 4 different times with no success. She hates it. She's never had her nails cut and has never had a full groom. We've tried grooming her at home and she does well but refuses to let anyone touch her face or her paws without biting. We've tried Benadryl and treats and it still doesn't help. Is there anything that can be prescribed that could help keep her calm so we can cut her hair? I'm desperate at this point. Its just too hot to not have her hair cut.

    Hi Lizzie,
    I recommend that you talk to your local veterinarian about this question. There may be a medication that can be used to help keep her calm for grooming. The medication that will be best for her and safe will depend on a few different factors including her age, breed, weight, and overall health. Your vet knows your pet’s medical history so they will be able to best answer your questions.

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