• My dog khaleesi ran into my dog pepper playing in the back yard. Pepper was just limping a little the day of but yesterday and today is not using that leg at all. I also recently have been laid off until further notice so I would need to know as close as possible to how much it would be to figure out what is wrong.

    Hi Ashley,
    I recommend that you take Pepper into see a veterinarian as soon as possible. Not using the leg is concerning and shows that it is likely painful for him. Your vet can talk to you about the potential causes for this after they have examined him. They may recommend x-rays or other diagnostics to help diagnose or rule out certain issues. The treatment needed would be based on what is causing him to not use the leg. The costs of the visit will vary depending on what is needed to diagnose or treat the issue. Your vet can show you a detailed estimate of the costs after they have examined Pepper.

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