• My dog just had her first litter of puppies, one was born on Saturday and the other on Monday. Since the second puppy arrived the mom has been growling and snapping at them, she snapped about 3 times through out the night but the growling seems constant. Is something wrong?

    Hi Charity,
    I recommend that you take mom and the puppies into see a veterinarian if you have not already done so. This behavior can be caused by a few different things incluiding an infection or inflammation in her mammary glands, an issue with milk production, or another underlying issue that is causing her pain. The time between puppies is also very concerning. Usually this is only a few hours at most. With it being days it could be that she is having some issues with delivery and this can be painful or even become life threatening in certain situations. Your vet can talk to you more about the cause of this behavior and the treatment that is needed after they have examined mom and the puppies.

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