• My dog Jack has a Wellness plan with Banfield Veterinary # 0317 in St. Petersburg, Florida. I purchased Jack's medicine Sentinel Spectrum online from Valley Vet. Valley Vet sent BAnfield a presciption request to no avail. Faxing the request 3 times. I called Banfield on Dec 7th and was told the prescription was signed by the Vet and faxed back to VAlley Vet. Today is 12/11/18 and I received an email from VAlley Vet that they have not yet received the fax. This is very distressing for me. Asking BAnfield Corproate to please call BAnfield St. Pete mangement and request status. Thank you Miriam Mesa Valley Vet Order # (12882148) for dog Jack Mesa service@valleyvet.com - Janelle/Pharmacy Tech 1-800-898-8026 fax (800-531-2390 www.valleyvet.com call (800-898-8026) or fax (800-531-2390) your prescription directly to Valley Vet Supply Pharmacy from their clinic, Valley Vet Supply Prescription Dept. P.O. Box 504 Marysville, KS 66508

    Hi Miriam,
    I'm sorry to hear of your experience and have reached out to the hospital's leadership team asking they remedy the situation and contact you. Thank you.

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