• My dog is currently 50lbs and She is a border collie/shetland sheep dog mix almost 2 years old, she is currently on Advantage Multi and has been for about a year before that she was on trifexis. I recently just found 2 ticks on her, we go hiking in Northern Florida(Tallahassee area) a lot and this is the first time I have found ticks on her. I thought Advantage Multi is a "all in one" type solution and is suppose to prevent ticks and fleas. If I am wrong about the ticks what would you recommend as a prevention for them. My dog seems fine and still has the same amount of energy and is acting normal I am just worried about the ticks and would like to be pro-active about them. Thank you.

    Hi Michael,
    I recommend that you talk to your local veterinarian about this question. Advantage Multi does not prevent ticks. It is a combination product that prevents heartworms, fleas, and certain intestinal parasites. If your pet is in an area where ticks are present she will likely need an additional or different medication to prevent them. The one that will work best will depend on where you live, the environment that she is exposed to, and her overall health. Your vet knows your pet’s medical history and they can give you the best advice on this.

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