• My dog has started yelping when she poops. The poop itself appears to be normal consistency (not too hard and not liquid), no blood, and a normal color. She poops daily. She's fine immediately afterwards and returns to running and playing. Her eating is normal, her weight hasn't appeared to fluctuate. She has an appointment with our vet next week - in the meantime, what could it be?

    Hi Megan,
    I would make sure to address this during your appointment with your veterinarian. There are several things that can cause the behavior. The veterinarian may need to check her anal glands to ensure they are not overly full, inflamed, or infected. You brought up the consistency of the stool as well because too hard can cause this. If your pet has arthritis, squatting to defecate can be painful. Your veterinarian will perform a complete exam and with this history hopefully be able to identify a cause and whether treatment is needed.

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