• My dog has diarrhea for 2 straight days now should I give him anything or does he need to be seen from a veterinarian

    Hi Jessica,
    If the loose stool is still present I recommend that you take him into see a veterinarian as soon as possible if you have not already done so. Diarrhea that lasts longer than 24 hours is concerning. The loose stool can be caused by many different things including intestinal parasites, infection, inflammation of the GI tract, or a more serious underlying medical issue. Your vet can talk to you more about the cause of the diarrhea after they have examined him. They may recommend some lab tests to help diagnose or rule out certain diseases. Your vet can recommend the treatment that will be best for him based on the underlying cause of his symptoms. I do not recommend giving any medication unless directed to do so by your vet. Many human medications can be harmful if not used correctly.

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