• My dog has chipped one of his front teeth. The pulp is exposed. He is eating and drinking normally, but this obviously hurts him. I took him to my current vet today, and they said that the pain would subside and gave me pain medicine in the meantime. This just seems off to me, so I was wondering if this is normal treatment, or if I need to bring him into a Banfield location to have his tooth looked at. Would this be something that needs to be pulled or could another procedure benefit him? Thanks.

    Hi Ashley,
    If you are concerned that your pet is still in pain after the treatment provided it is a good idea to get a second opinion. They can examine your pet and give you an opinion on what needs to be done to addresses his dental issues. The treatment that he needs will depend on the exact tooth that is damaged, the amount of damage present, and you pet’ overall health. There can be a couple of different ways to treat dental fractures. Extraction may be the best option but there may be other treatments that could be done at a veterinary dentist. If needed your local vet can refer you to a vet dentist in your local area.

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