• My dog had neuter surgery four weeks ago. Recently I nocitced two red sores on his testicular area, and the skin on the sores start to peel off a little, he had been licking it quite often, so I put the e-collar on him. I used water and iodopovidone to clean his area. Is it going to help him cure?

    Hi Lillian,
    I recommend that you take him into see a veterinarian. Any incisions from the neuter surgery should be healed at this time. However, if there is chronic irritation, healing can be delayed. There is also the possibility that there is something else causing the spots like an injury or infection. Your vet can talk to you more about the cause of the spots and the treatment that he needs after they have examined him. I do recommend that you continue to use the e-collar. Preventing licking at the area is important.  

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