• My Cockatiel's partner had to be put down yesterday. Since then, my Cockatiel has been acting differently, which I was expecting - but today I heard its nose making a squeaking, almost clogged sound. It hasn't been sneezing, so I am unsure if it is a cold. I'm wondering if I should take it in for a checkup? I should also mention that the vet did not know what was causing my other Cockatiel's seizures, so I am unaware if the issues with the two birds are related.

    I am sorry to hear of your loss. I recommend that you take your cockatiel in for a checkup. It is not unusual to see behavior changes when a change occurs in their environment. The death of a partner can have a profound effect on them. With you hearing the strange noise, along with the fact that the cause of the seizures in his partner was unknown, I think that it best to have him seen.

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