• my dog ate some mango on monday and has had diarrhea since yesterday afternoon. He's eating his regular dog food with no problem and is still acting like his regular self, just has diarrhea. Should I be concerned? What should I do?
  • I was told at Banfield if Trixie had a reaction to a shot she had today to use the 24/7 Support with Vet Chat. I was looking at for it on my account so I will know where to find it in case she does have a reaction tonight. Where is the link on this web site. I have looked everywhere. Thank you.
  • Is it common for female dogs to show aggression after being spayed? If so should I give her more pain medicine to deal with the pain or could it just be a behavioral issue due to the surgery?
  • Deworming a puppy , I want to get some wormer ASAP for my new puppy. Which is the best stuff to get from the store today?
  • My dog has been in heat for a little over a month now, should i be worried or get her checked? She's been eating normally and her energy level doesn't seem to be unusual. Although she does randomly squeal out of nowhere and then run off really quick.
  • I just adopted a very young kitten. When will she begin to have heat cycles and potentially become pregnant? When should I have my cat spayed?
  • I like to keep my dog's coat clean, but don't want to dry out her skin. How often should I bathe my dog? How much is too much, or not enough?
  • I have a very smart snake and turtle. Is it possible for my reptiles to learn tricks?
  • I just adopted a younger dog and there are so many options I'm not sure what I should be feeding him. Can you help? What should I feed my dog?
  • My kitten seems healthy, but I was wondering if she is getting all the vitamins she needs. Should I be giving my kitten vitamins?
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