• Right now i am giving my newfoundland simparico for fleas. i was looking on the website and i seen Bravecto. Would i be able to switch my dog to that brand? How often do i have to give him that treat hiim with that medication.
  • Auggie is a 15 month old golden doodle. In March he started having redness around his eyes, eye whites stayed white- this was just the skin around his eyes. And his upper lip became red, swollen, and he lost his hair. The vet put him on eye drops, steroids, and antibiotics and he had much improvement. But, it came back right when they ended. He is now starting to have eye drainage from left eye. Not sure if this is an allergy or another problem. We have tried Benadryl but doesn’t seem to help.
  • Hello, wanted to know if there is anything that I could give our dogs to prevent flea/tick? What forms of prevention are provided out there? Oral or shots?
  • Hello, I had my cat Rudy examined on Sunday at Chula Vista Banfield, and he is under treatment right now. I wanted to see if I can send a video of him breathing for the doctor to look closely and maybe give me an idea of what the reason could be. Currently we are thinking URI or pneumonia, but I wanted to show the way he is breathing. He is having these breathing episodes at least once a day. Let me know where to send it please. Thanks. Lana.
  • My jack russell terrier was prescribed Royal Canin skin support dog food. I noticed that they have a product called Maxi sensitive Should I change his food?
  • I have a 8 month old Great Dane his feces hasn’t been solid for about three days his energy level is kind of up and down he’s only eating about 2 cups a day what does this sound like?
  • My fiancée and I took our 9 month old golden retriever to the tennis courts in our complex to get some exercise. After a few minutes, we noticed that he was running with a bit of a limp, so we called him over to check him out. We noticed a little bit of blood on his paws, but nothing profuse or extreme, enough to not even see where the blood was actually coming from and it did not need to be compressed for it to stop. It turns out, on one of his front paws (the one bothering him most) and one of his back paws, he has a paw pad skin abrasion, where the skin is torn back a little bit. Last night we cleaned the cuts, applied ointment and bandaged them. He is his normal, happy, self, but is still walking with a bit of a limp every now and again. I'm wondering what we should be doing? Also, how long until his paw pads are healed and his limp goes away?
  • Do I need certain vaccines when camping with dogs?
  • My 1 year old pit is constantly scratching herself and biting herself till she bleeds her hair is balding in areas she has scratched or bit at I have tried everything I could think of different food hypoallergenic blankets hypoallergenic shampoos coconut oil I dont know what else to do please help me I just want my Nala to feel better
  • My dog. When he poops he also bleeds.
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