• My cats had fleas. I got both of them on flea medicine but I kept one of them in a cone to allow the medicine to kick in [she chews herself till she bleeds otherwise]. The one cat who obsessively chews has been on flea medicine for 2 months and the other has been on flea medicine for a few weeks. I took the one cat out of the cone today and shes still chomping her backside despite not seeing fleas on her bare skin :c I'm wondering if shes chewing so much now due to not being able to clean properly for a little while?

    Hi Allison,
    I recommend that you take her into see a veterinarian. While fleas can cause the chewing that you are describing, there can be other causes as well. That it has continued after the flea treatments makes it more concerning. Your vet can talk to you about the potential causes of her symptoms after they have examined her. The treatment that she needs will depend on the underlying cause and severity of the symptoms.

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