• My cat will be traveling abroad (Japan) thus he needs to take FAVN test. Are you handling this test? (Seems withdrawn blood must be shipped to Kansas state university.) Please let me know how to proceed it and the cost if you are handling it at your clinic. Are the doctors at your clinic accredited veterinarian who are approved by USDA to issue export health certificate?

    Hi Yoda,

    I recommend that you call and talk to your local Banfield Hospital about this question. The FAVN test is something that we can do at most of our hospitals. There can be special timing needed for this test and it can take some time to get it back so it is important that you work with your vet on the timing and start the process well before your planned travel dates. As for the international health certificate this is something that many of our doctors can do. Your local hospital will be able to let you know if their doctors have the special certification needed. If not they should be able to refer you to a local vet who can perform this service.

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