• I have an indoor cat who ate something left by a visitor and has been throwing up for three days now. I removed his food and for a while he did not throw up, but today he vomited again a liquid, white foam. How long should I withhold his food? Also, how much are your insurance plans? Thank you.

    With your cat vomiting for at least 3 days, it is important that you have him seen by your veterinarian immediately. Anytime cats vomit more than 3 times or longer than 24 hours, they need to be seen by a veterinarian.

    This generally is a sign that they have something going on that they will not be able to clear on their own. With him having vomited as much as you describe, it can be a sign of serious disease. I am also concerned that he may be dehydrated which can cause further complications.

    We don’t offer traditional insurance plans. We do offer a package of preventive care that includes the preventive care that your cat needs. It is not designed to be used in sickness. There are some traditional insurance plans available.

    If you take your pet into a Banfield, the veterinarian can explain the Optimum Wellness Plans to you in detail. The veterinarian who sees your pet can let you know if your cat is a candidate at this time. Good Luck!

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