• I took my nineteen-year-old cat to a Banfield about three months ago. The doctor gave her a clean bill of health even with her old age. In the last two weeks, though, I've noticed she's been very sluggish, not eating much, drinking only a bit of water, and having accidents around the house. I cleaned her litter, and it looks like she's only had a few bowel movements in the last two weeks. Do you think something may be wrong?

    I recommend that you take your cat into see your veterinarian as soon as possible. Her lethargy and lack of appetite are concerning in a cat of her age. My concern is that there is an underlying medical issue that has emerged in the last 3 months. Your veterinarian can perform some test that can help find out what is causing her to feel bad.

    The good news in this is that she was seen 3 months ago. This means that we are likely catching it early. In a lot of cases when diseases are caught early, the prognosis is better for the pet. Good Luck!

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