• My cat has always been a little aggressive, but recently he has gotten out of hand. He randomly attacked me in my sleep and got one of his nails stuck into the skin on my head. It was pretty bad, and I figure he probably got into a fight outdoors. Ever since he's been really edgy and will jump at anything that makes sudden noise. Also, he has also been peeing on just about everything. Please offer some help!

    I recommend that you take him in to see your veterinarian. Increased aggression and urinating outside the litter box can be signs of an underlying medical issue. These can include a urinary tract infection, injury, arthritis, pain, or they can be a behavioral issue.

    Your veterinarian can examine him for any underlying medical issues. If there is a medical issue then usually treating the issue will resolve the aggression and urinating issue. If it is a behavioral issue then he may need a treatment plan that includes behavioral modification. Your veterinarian can recommend the treatment that will be best for him.

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