• My cat doesn't get along with other cats, but I want to get another one. Is there something I can do to help them get along?

    If you get another cat I recommend that you introduce them slowly. You can start by having them in different rooms with the door closed. This way they can hear and smell each other across the door.

    When you introduce them face to face I recommend that you do it slowly. Allow them to greet each other and be around each other for a short amount of time. Then separate them to adjoining rooms. If this meeting goes well then you can increase the amount of time that they are together. When they are together make sure that you pay attention and pet each cat for the same amount of time. Some cats can become jealous if they feel slighted. This usually works to help the cats get along. However, some cats may not respond well to another cat in their territory.

    If this doesn’t work I recommend that you talk to your veterinarian about the issues that you are seeing. They can give you advice that is more specific to your individual cats.

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