• My Aussie, Sadie has severe storm anxiety and nothing is helping. We've tried removing her to the laundry room with a radio, Thunder Shirt, CBD oil, Hemp chews, essential oils, calming collars, Melatonin, Acepromazine and Benadryl. What else can we try? She gets so upset she runs, jumps and barks non stop during a storm.

    Hi Tina, I am sorry to hear about Sadie’s anxiety. As for the next steps needed to try and control this, it will be best to work with your local veterinarian. There are other treatment and control options and the one that will be best for her will depend on a few different factors inkling her response to previous treatments, her overall health, how often the storms are occurring, and the severity of her anxiety. Your vet knows Sadie and her medical history so they will be able to give you the best advice on this. They may even recommend a referral to a veterinary behavior specialist to help design an overall behavior modification plan that is specific to her situation.

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