• My 8 week old puppy is acting more aggressive with biting and scratching after leaving her home alone a few times this week. She only wags her tail when I come back but for the past two days, she is acting like a stray dog! Her tail has been curled up in the air too. Maybe she feels like she has to fend for herself but someone comes home to check on her, we make sure she eats and I leave toys out. Plus, she is t left alone a super long time...what does this mean? How can I get her to relax? My aunt think the loneliness may cause mental issues, is that true?

    Hi Ruletta, I recommend that you talk to your local veterinarian or a local trainer about this issue. This is not a usual puppy behavior and it is important to treat any signs of aggression early in life if possible. The treatment needed to help with this will depend on a few different factors. Your vet or your trainer can get some more information from you and then recommend a behavior modification plan that is specific to your pet.

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