• My 6 month old german shepherd puppy got spayed last Friday (almost a week). She is acting normal and the incision site looks like its healing great. We were told two weeks before she can return to playing/jumping/running etc. And before we could take her cone off for good. If she seems like she is okay for this sort of activity is it alright for her to engage in it/ take off her cone? Or is it too soon?

    Hi Ashley,

    You should follow your veterinarian’s recommendations on the amount of time to keep her quiet and in the cone. Even though she feels good and the incision looks good it can still have not healed completely and if she puts stress on the area or licks at it the incision could still possibly open. The 2 week timeline makes sure that everything is healed correctly. If you notice any swelling or redness in the area you should take her into see a vet as soon as possible.

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