• Millie is still chewing on her body and feet. Dr. Jamieson recommended that maybe we should either change her food or try a medicine. I would like to try food before giving her the shot. (The shot would help her stop realizing the itch is there.) I didn't know what kind of food that would be recommended - boiled chicken?? or sweet potatoes?? I would rather give her whole fresh foods than have her itch like crazy. She has been having a hard time relaxing due to this itching. Looking forward to hearing back from you! Sincerely, Julie Virnelli

    Hi Julie,
    I recommend that you call and talk to Dr. Jamieson about this question. The best next step including the food that will be best will depend on a few different factors including Millie’s age, breed, overall health, and the potential cause of her itching. Your vet knows Millie so they can give you the best advice on this. If you are going to switch to a homemade diet it is very important to have the correct recipe. This will make sure that she gets all of the nutrients that she needs in the correct ratios. Your vet can recommend the food or recipe that will be best for her.

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